DC Food Blogs

  • ButterLove&Hardwork   ( 69 Articles )

    ButterLove&Hardwork is the creative online outlet of pastry chef Chris Ford, who was recently named “The People’s Best New Pastry Chef” by Food & Wine Magazine. He is currently the pastry chef at Wit & Wisdom, a Michael Mina restaurant in the heart of Baltimore Harbor’s Four Seasons. Photography is another creative outlet for Chris, as you can appreciate when scrolling through the beautifully evocative and mouth-watering pictures he posts on his blog. ButterLove&Hardwork is also a place where Chris chronicles his journey as a pastry chef, brainstorms ideas, and shares recipes - a rare and beautiful insight into the mind and kitchen of one of the area’s brightest chefs.

  • Girl Meets Food   ( 649 Articles )

    Founded by Mary Kong, Girl Meets Food is comprised of six women with a passion for food. Girl Meets Food is a great place to find deals and generally be very savvy about how you dine in Washington DC.

  • Julip Made   ( 316 Articles )

    Julie of Julip Made is still a bit of a mystery to us, but here's what we do know: she loves her dog, makes wonderful collages, and takes excellent food photos. Her blog is a well-rounded examination of the beauty of everyday life and includes, among other things, food posts with recipes that always appear so appetizing. We love the intuitive sense of design found in her frequent (and frequently inspiring) collages. Julie also has a regular series called "If Bloggers Ruled The World" where she interviews prominent bloggers to get their opinions on all sorts of subjects. You could curl up to your laptop and read this blog for hours.

  • nothing-in-the-house   ( 455 Articles )

    Emily Hilliard makes pie, the seemingly simple baked good, into an intellectual exercise. Her day job is working as a Folklorist in Washington DC, so her intellectual approach and interest in the intersection between pie and community is no surprise. As she explains on her About Us page, nothing-in-the-house is the name of a type of pie popular during the Great Depression, and it means exactly what you think: "there's nothing in the house, so we need to use whatever ingredients are available to make this pie". Emily, along with Tanglewood Baked Goods author Kari, also forms the pie-making super duo Tarts by Tarts, a DC based group that creates baked goods for events and delivery. If you are an aspiring baker, nothing-in-the-house not only features great recipes, but also detailed instructions on how to make these pies happen; a great read!

  • The Bitten Word   ( 264 Articles )

    The Bitten Word is the culinary diary of DC residents Zach Patton and Clay Dunn where they share the successes, trials and tribulations of trying out recipes from their favorite magazines. The sense of humor and honesty about the food they cook is a refreshing addition to the tips, tricks, and recipes they share.

  • Weekly Greens   ( 108 Articles )

    Alicia Sokol is beautiful foodie, mother of two boys, and busy career woman. The blog, Weekly Greens, is a collection of recipes and stories of cooking healthy meals for her family using fresh ingredients while balancing a busy life as a media strategist at a DC-based public affairs firm. We love (virtually) following Alicia along to the farmer's market to see what delicious meals she creates from local ingredients.